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Roles and Responsibilities
Group Office
* Ensures the group is in compliance with all statutory and reporting requirements;
* Ensures the internal accounting policies and procedures remain relevant to the needs of the group
* Participates in business strategic planning process and defines strategies/plans for finance and accounting functions;
* Manages finance processes, develops and implements a modern cost effective accounting system that will meet the challenges and objectives of the group;
* Produces daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly management reports to the Group Executive Management (as may be required)
* Preparation of cash flow statements, income and expenditure accounts, tax returns and balance sheet;
* Liaise effectively with the internal and external auditors to ensure that an efficient and effective audit process is carried out;
* Manages the group office accounts departments.Group Operating Divisions
* Sets standards for accounting and financial reporting systems of the divisions;
* Ensures the financial policies, procedures and controls of the Group are implemented efficiently and in line with generally accepted accounting practices (locally and globally);
* Oversees budget preparation, approval and execution processes;
* Improves the systems surrounding all aspects of the groupís budgets, forecasts and business planning;
* Analyses budget variances and consolidates the financial statement by the divisions for further analysis by the management of the divisions;
* Consolidates the groupís financial statements;
* Provides support to fundraising efforts, funding applications and all other required documentations;
*Manages the fund disbursement process and project financing for ongoing projects in line with approved plans;
* Develops and manages long and short-term cash forecasts, utilizing historical trends, seasonal influences and future projections. Determines cash requirements and maintain appropriate cash flows with banking and investment institutions to ensure adequate liquidity to meet all obligations, covenant compliance and optimisation of cash
* Develop and implements cash management systems for all group operations, including policies, procedures, and internal controls. Oversees daily cash management process: setting cash position, wire transfer operations, deposit and disbursement accounts.
* Analyses moderate to complex financial information, including trends and forecast
* Other duties as assigned by the GMD/CEO and Group Head, SS. Key Performance Indicators
* Timeliness in preparation of budgets
* Timely preparation of management accounts and consolidation of the divisionsí financial statements
* Level of efficiency in management of General Ledger according to defined accounting principles
* Level of efficiency in management of taxation and provide taxation reports and all other statutory reports/returns
* Completeness of fixed assets inventory/register
* Average time to process approved payments and invoices on approved transactions
Working knowledge, skills and competencies and attributes
*Budgeting and planning
* Management Accounting
* Corporate Finance
* Risk Management

Qualifications : Qualifications and Experience
* A university degree in Accounting or related field
* A minimum of 8 years working experience within the finance/audit and control department of a corporate organization or professional services organization
* Professional qualification such as: ACA, ACCA ICAN, CFA etc

Contact Details

Contact Person : Oyinda
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Reference : FJA-Con-HFA-01