Chief Operations Officer

James Walter Gardner; Nigeria; 10 Nov 2009


* To build and lead an effective and cohesive executive management team with effective succession planning

* To evaluate the executive management team* To chair the executive committee

* To represent the Company to the government, regulatory authorities, the media, shareholders and the general public


* To manage the creation of an appropriate vision and long-term strategy for the Company to be agreed by the board

* To successfully communicate and implement the groupís strategy as agreed by the board

* To develop and put in place strategic operating plans and budgets for each of the groupís business units and central functions that reflect the longer-term objectives and priorities of the board

* To oversee the day-to-day operations of the fast food chain

Other responsibilities

* Advise the management team on key planning issues and make recommendations on important business decisions.

* Strategic planning and resource allocation

* Establish operational processes/process improvement

* Manage companyís strategy implementation, in particular regarding budgets and timelines

* Ensure quality control of all company output as pertains to customer acquisition and delivery of services

* Ensure all department heads are fully informed of operational objectives

* Set operational and/or performance goals for each department which are aggressive, achievable and tied to long-term goals* Establish and monitor performance reporting systems

* Monitor department performance against performance goals to ensure that progress is being made

* Conduct regular meetings with department heads to ensure that priorities are clear and coordination is good.

* Ensure activities comply with organisational requirements for quality management, legal stipulations, and general duty of care.

* Facilitate resolution of issues between departments.

* Take charge in high-priority crises.

* To take remedial action where necessary and to inform the board of any significant changes

* To establish an appropriate structure for the group and its management

* To ensure appropriate and satisfactory systems are in place for monitoring group performance against plans and budgetsPersonal characteristics required for Chief Operating Officer

* Ability to lead, plan and manage change

* Passion, or the willingness to become immersed in work

* Initiative

* Strong organizational skills

* Strong time management skills* Strong negotiation skills

* The ability to set priorities

* Good communication skills

Qualifications : Candidate must have at least 6-8 years experience working with a food chain industry.

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