Malawi: Lucius Banda Wants Compensation for Victims of 'Beautiful' Road Construction Balaka to Bilira Via Khwisa

Tuesday, 04 July 2017

Member of Parliament for Balaka North, Lucius Banda has asked government to give compensation to families and individuals who have been affected during the road construction from Balaka to Bilira via Khwisa.

Banda thanked the government for the construction of the road from Balaka to Bilira via Khwisa, saying the construction of the tarmac road has started.

"It is a very beautiful road. As a Member of Parliament I am very proud and I really appreciate," said Banda.

However, he appealed to government to consider "compensating a few people that have been affected by the construction of the road."

He said: "I understand there is no compensation but some people are complaining. I would like government to consider compensating people whose gardens have been excavated and houses demolished."

Banda added: "By extension I would also like to remind the ministry to fix the road from Ulongwe to Balaka via Mbera and Toleza."

He said along this road there are a lot of serious commercial farms including a cotton ginner.

"Thousands of people are employed in those farms but the road is quite terrible especially Liwawadzi Bridge. I would like to remind the Ministry to do something about it," said Banda.

Minister of Transport and Public Works , Jappie Mhango, said he was pleased with the sentiments and appreciation from MP Banda about the road that government is constructing in his constituency and encouraged the parliamentarian to give government " all the support as we embark on the road to improve most of our roads."

Said Mhango: " I have taken note[of] the issue of compensation. I will take it up with my agency to see to it that all those who are affected are attended to.

"I have also taken note on the request to fix the road from Ulongwe-Balaka via Mbera-Toleza. I will ask my officials to visit this road to ensure that it is also given due attention. "

Credits: Zawadi Chilunga (Nyasa Times)